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What Does Safe Haven Mean?

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What are Safe Haven Laws?

Safe Haven Laws give mothers a responsible and safe alternative to abandoning their child. It provides a legal and anonymous way for parents to leave the baby in someone else’s care.

No cops. No parents. No cost.


How do Safe Haven Laws protect mothers and babies?

If you are a mother who finds herself in a desperate situation any may be trying to conceal the birth of your baby, please don’t panic. Safe Have Laws allow you to anonymously bring a newborn baby to a Safe Haven location (like a hospital or police station in most cases) without worrying about being charged for a crime.

“Safe Haven Legislation addresses two important issues: it significantly reduces the risk that a newborn will be abandoned in a perilous environment that may result in death and it protects the parents who feel they have no option other than abandonment, but who compassionately deliver their newborn to a safe haven.” – AMT Child of Hope Foundation


How can I find a Safe Haven location for my baby?

To find a safe place to deliver your child, please call the anonymous hotline: 1-800-796-HOPE

All calls are confidential.

It’s important to know that Safe Haven Laws can vary slightly from state to state.