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Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption



What is adoption?

Are there different kinds of adoption?

  • Yes! If you decide to place your baby for adoption, there are many options available to you. You can choose an experienced adoption attorney to help you locate a hopeful adoptive family and place your child with them. You can also choose an adoption agency who may offer more support and counseling on your adoption journey than an attorney. You also have options when it comes to post-placement communication. An adoption be open, closed, or anywhere in between. Learn more about open adoptions and hear from birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adoptees in an open adoption relationship

Will I see my child again?

Will placing my baby for adoption cost me anything?

  • Many who are pregnant and considering adoption wonder about the “cost of putting a child up for adoption.” Normally all expenses are paid for by the hopeful adoptive family that you connect with through your adoption professional. These expenses can include living expenses, counseling before and after the adoption placement, medical care during your pregnancy, and legal expenses.

Can I change my mind?

  • This is your baby, your plan, and 100% your choice. You may change your mind about placing your child for adoption before and even after your baby is born. Adoption is an important and permanent decision. You should be educated about and confident in your choice before placement.
  • You may even change your mind about the adoptive family. If after getting to know a hopeful adoptive family you feel that they are not the right fit for your baby, you get to know other families that want to adopt and choose another family that you feel will be perfect for your child.
  • Make sure your adoption professional informs you about the laws in your state about how long, when, and if you can change your mind after signing adoption papers. Each state is different.

How do I tell the birth father?

  • In some states the father does have a right to know that you are choosing to place the child for adoption. If communicating with the birth father is not an option or a threat to your well-being, then do not confide in him. Your baby and yourself are the main priorities to keep safe.

How do I tell my parents?

  • Everyone responds to situations differently and you know your parents best. Maybe your parents will be understanding, but you will never know if you don’t tell them your situation. Often times it’s best to just come right out and say it.

Will this affect my current and future jobs?

  • If you are doing physical labor like bending, lifting heavy objects, or standing for long periods of time, then your pregnancy will affect your work. During your pregnancy, you may become tired and/or ill and probably would have to rest at home. After delivery and placing your child for adoption, this should not affect your work or your future careers.

What will this mean for future relationships?

  • Placing a child for adoption will be a part of your identity, but this moment does not have to define you. You can be in loving relationships and continue to make lifelong friendships. Some people may treat you differently. But, you will find great people who will understand your choice and support you no matter what.