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Unplanned Pregnancy aims to empower women with options counseling when it comes to their unexpected pregnancy. The counselors you'll be connecting with are licensed social workers who have been helping women for decades. Although they are adoption professionals, they will help you understand both the challenging and positive consequences of each option as you decide what is best for you and your baby.

Pregnancy Support & Counseling

Talk to a specialist about your pregnancy options.

  • Personalized Pregnancy Counseling - We guide you through all options available to you -- parenting your child, having an abortion, or choosing adoption.
  • Experienced Adoption Professional - No one knows exactly what you are going through, but with our years of experience in pregnancy counseling and adoption, we can help find answers to your questions.
  • Financial Assistance - We may be able to help you obtain financial assistance including medical care, housing, and living expenses (in accordance with state law).
  • Your baby, Your choice - You are in charge of your child’s future. We can help you explore your pregnancy options. It’s your choice and we are here to support you.

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