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Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion

Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion | Unplanned Pregnancy

What exactly is an abortion?

  • Abortion or pregnancy termination is the voluntary termination of a pregnancy. It is often done when an individual is facing an unplanned pregnancy or unwanted pregnancy.

If I chose abortion, will it hurt?

  • It depends on the kind of procedure you will be having. There are two different kinds of abortion procedures, with different subtypes. The first kind is a medical abortion, which involves taking medication. This medical abortion side effects will often include cramping, similar to that of menstrual cramps. The second kind of the abortion is a surgical abortion, which involves removing the fetus and other materials out of the uterus to end the pregnancy. The kind of abortion procedure that is going to be used in your case depends on how far along in your pregnancy you are.

How much is the average cost of abortion?

  • The cost for abortion can vary greatly on where you are within your pregnancy. The average cost of abortion nationwide is around $1,500, in the first trimester. The surgical abortion cost is much higher in comparison to the medical abortion cost. Whether or not you receive a surgical abortion or a medical abortion will depend on how far along you are within your pregnancy and your doctor’s discretion.

How will I know that Parenting, Abortion or Adoption is right for me?

  • If you are contemplating couple parenting or single parenting, they will be able to direct you to parenting resources that may be able to provide you things such as free parenting classes to teach you parenting skills or parenting articles for you to read.
  • If you are contemplating placing your child for adoption, they will be able to speak with you about an adoption agency and the adoption process.
  • If you are contemplating abortion, they will be able to direct you to resources such as an abortion clinic where the costs of an abortion specific to your case will be discussed as well as any side effects of abortion that you will need to be made aware of.

If I am contemplating an abortion, do I still need to see an OB GYN for prenatal care?

It is very important that you seek proper medical care, no matter if you are contemplating parenting, adoption or abortion.

*According to The American Pregnancy Association.