6 Places to Get Unplanned Pregnancy Help

An unplanned pregnancy can cause a woman’s world to tilt on axis. There are so many things that have to be considered when bringing a child into the world—finances, living situation, quality of life, food, diapers, formula, job, education, etc. Many times, just having a listening ear and a supportive shoulder to lean on can make all the difference in the world. Here are a few places to go when looking for unplanned pregnancy help.

1) Spouse/partner or trusted family member or friend

Having a strong support system is a tremendous asset. The ability to rely on family members or friends can help absorb the shock factor of an unplanned pregnancy. When choosing a confidant, consider if the individual is trustworthy and able to give good advice. However, not everyone has family or friends they trust with such personal information. When this form of support isn’t available, or if more advice is needed, there are several other places to turn to find help.

2) Medical professional

Typically when women find out they are pregnant, one of the very next steps is to visit their primary care doctor to verify the pregnancy or set up continuing care. While not all physicians are pro-life, they will be able to present a woman with basic prenatal care and ultrasounds. Doctors are a great resource for general information on having a healthy pregnancy. Also, they will often times have resources on adoption agencies, midwives, and other support groups. All visits and exchange of information is completely confidential and is protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

3) Resource pregnancy center

Resource pregnancy centers (RPC) exist to help women and families who find themselves in crisis pregnancies. The trained women who work at these centers have compassion for the women who come through their doors as well as the babies they carry. They will listen without judgment and present the life-affirming options that are available after the birth of the child (parenting, adoption, kinship care). Should a woman choose to parent, many centers have resources and materials to support parenting. If adoption or kinship care is desired, they will have adoption agencies to which they can refer clients. While RPCs are not medical facilities, many centers offer free, limited ultrasounds. All visits are completely confidential.

4) Adoption agency 

Many times, women have no idea of where to turn for help. They may have lost confidence in their local churches and clergy. Since RPCs are not in every city, that option may not be available. An adoption agency can counsel women on their options. While adoption agencies exist to help place babies, children, and teens for adoption, they also offer birth mother counseling and support at no fee to the client. All fees are paid by prospective adoptive families. These visits are confidential, but some information may be voluntarily released to the adoptive family should the woman decide to place for adoption. Adoption profiles of some of those prospective adoptive families can be found at Adoption.com.

5) Hotlines

Across the nation there are many pro-life hotlines set up for women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. These confidential conversations with trained individuals can help a woman know what her options are and what local resources may be available near her.

6) God

While God shouldn’t be the last resort or one to turn to only in times of distress, He is omnipresent (everywhere present) and omniscient (all-knowing). Since He is everywhere and knows everything already, He can be reached any time of the day or night and nothing will take Him by surprise. He is compassionate and full of love. His wisdom, comfort, and grace are offered to all who genuinely seek Him. Those who seek will find Him when they turn to Him with their whole hearts.

A woman in an unplanned pregnancy has several options to which she can turn. She need not feel alone or afraid. Finding the right person who can help during the pregnancy journey can make an unplanned situation bearable.


Resource Pregnancy Center